Amreet Waters

Director, Client Relations and Project Management

Amreet’s professional background is in the field of financial analysis where she performed business valuations for venture-backed startups in Silicon Valley. Driven by personal first-hand experiences, Amreet hung up her corporate shoes to pursue her interests in education. As a technology and data geek, she believes that technology can be a great equalizer in our classrooms, and that data is a powerful tool to drive improvements in administration and instruction to accelerate student learning. Amreet’s specialty areas include financial analysis, strategic consulting and project management. She also has experience working with at-risk youth from diverse backgrounds as a mentor and tutor.

What Calls Me to Education?

“All children regardless of their socio-economic background should be given the opportunity to a world-class education that will give them the chance to advance and be positive change agents for their communities. As the first in my family to graduate from university, I have no doubt that without the educational experiences I received in school, it would not have led me to where I am today. All children have the ability to learn, and this is an opportunity that everyone deserves.” What happens in our nation’s schools is truly a matter of self-preservation, for whether we can use education to transform lives and expand opportunities will ultimately determine what kind of society we live in – Pedro Noguera

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