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Coaching for High Performance
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Boosting professional capability and output through job-embedded coaching

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Fruitful coaching generates positive change, and is often intended to boost effectiveness and performance. Coaching is equally appropriate, however, when current performance is subpar and calls for intervention, and when you desire breakthrough to even higher levels of impact.

A coach assists the person being coached in meeting agreed-upon goals and growth targets. Coaching does not – and cannot – replace direct action and follow-through by the person who is being coached. Someone else cannot do your push-ups or stomach crunches for you!

To ensure sustained and sustainable improvement, Performance Fact’s Coaching for High Performance methodology promotes identifying and shifting limiting or counterproductive mindsets, plus the willingness to take courageous action to improve performance. Coaching for High Performance:

  • Is goal-directed
  • Holds the coach and the coached to mutually high expectations for performance
  • Connects in real time to a job-related performance improvement desire
  • Requires mutual trust and respect
  • Fosters continuous reflection

By addressing challenges at their roots, Coaching for High Performance produces transformative change. This coaching approach can be equally potent with individuals, teams, and the entire organization.

▶ Recommended interval for the Coaching for High Performance process: Every month



Current performance, mindset, and motivation

  • Assess current performance and underlying mindset
  • Strengthen attitude, belief, and motivation


Performance target and goal-aligned actions

  • Set clear performance targets, criteria for success, and milestones


Progress monitoring, reflection, and renewal

  • Monitor and communicate progress using ongoing soft and hard data to improve attitude, behavior, and performance
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