Dr. Jackie Comeaux


Jacquelyn Comeaux is the CEO and managing executive of L.E.A.D. Institute Learning Center, a leadership and development program; and the author of “What Did You Teach…What Did They Learn,” a workshop series for instructors of English-Language Learners (ELL) and English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). Jacquelyn is a former K-12 educational consultant and elementary curriculum specialist with Pearson Education. She also was a teacher in the Detroit and District of Columbia public schools. For the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, she served as director for the adult education and alternative education department. In the corporate sector, she has worked as senior training and development manager for American Airlines, and has provided corporate training for Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan. Jacquelyn co-founded Care4U Network, Inc., which provides supplies and services to Northeastern Ohio charitable organizations. She holds an Ed.D. in educational leadership, specializing in alternative instruction for limited-English students and students with special needs. Jacquelyn also holds a B.A. in communications, an M.A. in business management, and an M.Ed. in educational technology from the University of Michigan.
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