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Getting It Done with the CPR Card™ in Steps

Collaborating on projects. Tracking and communicating progress. Getting it done!

Motivate & Facilitate with Data

Success does not happen by accident, nor do high-performing teams and organizations develop by chance. Consistent performance flows from a disciplined approach to executing the essential functions of your team or organization.

Getting It Done with the CPR Card™ is Performance Fact’s practical, web-based project management tool for ensuring disciplined implementation of your plans, projects, and programs. Users of the CPR Card™ (Continuous Progress Report Card) process will:

  • Break down your plans and priorities into manageable chunks for stepwise disciplined implementation.
  • Use a dynamic dashboard to monitor and communicate your progress.
  • Collaborate with colleagues and keep stakeholders in the loop.
  • Foster individual and team ownership, accountability, and celebrations.
  • Create customizable reports to gauge progress and success across your entire organization.
  • Receive and send real-time notifications, messages, and reminders.
  • Access a customized calendar showing all your tasks and milestones.
  • Track all your plans, programs, and priorities in one location.

Getting things done well demands discipline! The CPR Card™ offers a proven, easy-to-use process for managing projects of any size or complexity. It keeps all stakeholders focused, informed, accountable, and excited … from start to finish.

▶ Recommended schedule for the Getting It Done with the CPR Card™ process: Anytime



Define and resource the priorities.

  • Manageable chunks, concrete tasks, and alignment of people, time, and budget


Keep team and stakeholders engaged.

  • Sustaining the interest of and collaboration among team members


Track and communicate progress.

  • Continuous monitoring and communication across teams
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