Continuous professional learning to elevate the practitioner's effectiveness.

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Developing leaders. Transforming practices. Achieving extraordinary student results.

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You care deeply about your students.

Because you do, you search for ways to perfect your practice.

We get you!

Because we do, we provide practical tools to transform your good intentions into strong results for all students―without exception.

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Continuous professional learning

to elevate the practitioner’s effectiveness!

Highlights of Institute Design

Performance Fact Institutes aim to strengthen teachers’, leaders’, and staff’s capacity to master their craft – to continuously improve their effectiveness and meet the standards for their profession.

and aligned with local, state, and national professional standards and competencies

Built-in assessments
to gauge progress and proficiency towards the learning objectives


that enable practitioners to access learning in synchronous and asynchronous modes

The Professional Learning Institutes

Planning for Results

Strategic Planning & Strategic Implementation

School Improvement Planning in 1-2-3 Steps

Instructional Focus: The Big Picture in 1-2-3 Steps

Roadmap for Disciplined Implementation in 1-2-3 Steps

Instructional Effectiveness

6- to 12-Week Instruction Plan in 1-2-3 Steps

Self-reflection Log in 1-2-3 Steps

Classroom Observation Tools in 1-2-3 Steps

Data Summit™ in 1-2-3 Steps

Professional and Leadership Learning

Building Trust and Authentic Relationships in 1-2-3 Steps

Leadership in Action Network in 1-2-3 Steps

Coaching for High Performance in 1-2-3 Steps

Leading with Data

4-LensAnalysis of Student Data in 1-2-3 Steps

The Vital Signs Scorecard™ in 1-2-3 Steps

Getting It Done with the CPR Card™ in 1-2-3 Steps

Program Evaluation & Benchmarking in 1-2-3 Steps

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