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Leadership in Action Network
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Building leadership competence, confidence, and proficiency through standards-based, networked professional learning

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Successful leaders persist in upgrading their own capacity and performance. They recognize that continuous professional learning is key to maintaining their leadership edge – which in turn is essential to the growth and vitality of their team, and to realizing their organization’s vision and goals.

Performance Fact’s Leadership in Action Network model creates a deep bench of competent, confident, and committed leaders across the school or organization. The network supports each leader’s journey toward meeting the standards for their profession – so that, in time, they become a leader ready to guide their organization to sustained and sustainable success.

The Leadership in Action Network model emphasizes three disciplines:

  1. Personal Mastery, or becoming my best through self-awareness and development
  2. Collaborative Team Learning, or getting better by working and learning together
  3. Leadership for Results, or inspiring better outcomes for all

Key features of the Leadership in Action Network include:

  • A customized curriculum aligned to the leadership standards
  • Proficiency-oriented collaborative inquiry in small learning clusters, or cohorts
  • In-depth focus on a vital few high-leverage leadership practices of importance to the learning leaders
  • A peer-to-peer coaching component to promote mutual support and collegial accountability
  • Continuous evidence-based assessment of impact
  • Just-in-time feedback and support from experienced facilitators

Customizing the design and rollout of each Leadership in Action Network program ensures flexibility and relevance to local circumstances. However, every network seeks the same outcome: mastery of the professional standards for leaders.

▶ Recommended interval for the MONITOR AND ADJUST Self-reflection Log process: Every week



Becoming my best through self-awareness and development

Personal mastery, including:

  • Personal purpose and core values
  • Self-efficacy and winning mindset
  • Personal responsibility, accountability, and empowerment
  • Leadership “thumbprint”


Getting better by working and learning together

Collaborative team learning, including:

  • Team norms and aligned action
  • Feedback and support
  • Collective inquiry
  • Continuous learning and experimentation


Inspiring better outcomes for all

Leadership for results, including:

  • Clear goals and measures
  • Aligned resources
  • Evidence-based dialogue
  • Continuous improvement
  • Professional accountability
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