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Roadmap for Disciplined Implementation
in Steps

Developing a blueprint for goal-aligned strategic implementation and strong results

Chart the Course

To articulate and achieve desired outcomes, we must first plan the work. However, to bring those desired outcomes to reality, we must work the plan in a disciplined manner. That disciplined work overcomes the implementation gap that can plague any plan, whether it is:

  • A systemwide long-term strategic plan
  • An annual school improvement plan
  • A grade-level team’s unit plan
  • A district’s IT system overhaul
  • Upgraded ventilation in a dated middle-school building

Getting things done well demands discipline! Performance Fact’s Roadmap process offers individuals, teams, and organizations a blueprint for purposeful action – a visually compelling outline and recommended sequence for your implementation plan’s key components.

In public education, we’re always thinking about time! Performance Fact offers a calendar-driven Roadmap process customizable for any situation, at every level: systemwide leadership, whole school, school teams, district-level departments, classrooms.

The Roadmap document makes your strategy visible and easy to understand, and shows how the plan components fit together. You can use the Roadmap as a living document – to align, monitor, motivate, and communicate. (See district-level example in illustration, below.)

roadmap image

The Roadmap can significantly reduce the implementation gap. By helping you work the plan, Performance Fact’s Roadmap process supports disciplined implementation – a crucial step in achieving your intended outcomes.

▶ Recommended time frame for Roadmap for Disciplined Implementation process: Start of school year

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