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Strategic Planning
& Strategic Implementation

Student learning. Instructional effectiveness. Empowering infrastructure.

Move Forward As One

Through fruitful planning, we achieve unity of purpose, or alignment. This process of seeking mutual understanding about common goals gives shared meaning to the school or district’s work, enabling the organization to accomplish its goals.

A productive alignment process proactively seeks out and embraces the diverse voices of the organization’s stakeholders. If we want all stakeholders to commit to and meaningfully engage in implementing the plan, we must involve them in developing the plan itself.

Performance Fact’s MOVE FORWARD AS ONE strategic planning process empowers stakeholder teams to guide clients – their districts or schools – to develop a strategic alignment plan that reflects each community’s diverse voices and perspectives. It mobilizes them around a shared vision, clear goals, and an aligned roadmap for disciplined implementation.

▶ Recommended time frame for the MOVE FORWARD AS ONE! Strategic Planning & Strategic Implementation processes: Every 3-6 years


Phase 1

Is everyone ready to go?

Mobilize the community

  • Finalize project scope and calendar with champion/decision-maker
  • Define planning teams, participants, and communication plan
  • Conduct orientation and listening sessions with selected stakeholders

Phase 2

Where are we now?

Assess current state

  • Conduct focus groups or surveys that capture student voice and stakeholder voice
  • Analyze student data using the 4-Lens™ data analysis protocol
  • Conduct root-cause analysis of current state of student learning and professional practices

Phase 3

Where are we going next?

Clarify purpose, student outcomes, benchmarks

  • Reaffirm purpose: vision, mission, core values, equity statements
  • Clarify outcomes for students: goals and measures of success
  • Set benchmarks: performance targets

Phase 4

Is everyone still with us?

Conduct reality checks

  • With students
  • With family and community stakeholders
  • With school-level and district-level staff

Phase 5

How are we going to get there?

Establish building blocks, practices, strategies

  • Articulate the Four Pillars (building blocks), or theory of action
  • Define Professional Practices for Instructional Effectiveness
  • Define Educational Strategies and key actions

Phase 6

Have we aligned resources to the Plan?

Allocate resources

  • Identify resource implications (people, time, money)
  • Define guidelines for acquiring and allocating resources
  • Realign organizational structure, as appropriate

Phase 7

Do we have a clear pathway for follow-through?

Disciplined implementation

  • Secure formal approval of the plan (by the board)
  • Develop Roadmap for Disciplined Implementation
  • Define Year 1 priorities and develop implementation plan
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