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Our Premise. Our Purpose.

All students will learn at high levels when instruction meets their needs. What a student has learned well already, is something she/he has been taught well already. And what a student has not learned well yet, is something she/he has not been taught well yet. Student learning, then, is an “effect” whose “cause” lies in the quality and effectiveness of educational practices. If we want improved outcomes for students, the starting point must be the continuous improvement of teaching practices, leadership practices and organizational practices, because they are the precursors to student learning. At Performance Fact, our mission is clear: To develop capable leaders, strengthen professional practices, and achieve extraordinary student results. We collaborate with our clients by aligning our external expertise with their internal vision for their schools and communities. Our sole commitment and “soul purpose” is supporting educational leaders and practitioners with a system of solutions for building stronger schools and accelerating learning for all students … from thought to results.

By the numbers

Performance Fact collaborates with our clients by aligning our external expertise with their internal vision for their schools and communities. Since 1997, we have served 80+ school systems in 10+ US states. Together, these districts educate about 1,000,000 students every day in more than 1,700 schools. Internationally, Performance Fact works with leaders and practitioners in 50+ schools serving more than 23,000 pupils.

Client Testimonials

“Our schools have benefited a great deal from the facilitative skills and commitment to partnership that Performance Fact has provided.” (2008)
Dr. Maggie MejiaSuperintendentSacramento City Unified School District, California

Our Values. Our Culture.

Created in 1997 by Mutiu Fagbayi, Performance Fact, Inc. is a culturally diverse team of professionals with proven expertise in teaching, research, educational leadership, organizational development and the corporate sector.

Five principles frame what we do, how we interact with others, and how we serve our clients. In fact, our name – PERFORMANCE fact – is derived from those timeless ideals.

PERFORMANCEWe believe that results matter. They tell us about the effectiveness of our practice, and focus our attention on solutions that matter most.
fast forwardWe act with a sense of urgency, and continually search for ways to accelerate time to results for our clients.
accountabilityWe rely on a fact-based approach, not opinion. Accountability means standing up for the results we produce, individually and collectively.
continuous learningWe view personal and team learning as a professional expectation, and as the fuel for continuous improvement of services to our clients.
trustWe build relationships based on uncompromising integrity, deep caring and total commitment to helping our clients achieve the goals that are important to them.
Our Team values collaborative learning, innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage debate and inquiry, because they lead to better ideas and professional growth. Our rich experience, diverse backgrounds and open-mindedness make it easy for us to work with educators and their communities at the state, district and school levels.

Our Team

Join Us!
We are always open to inquiries about employment opportunities from bright, team-oriented people with a passion for learning and results. If you have qualifications and/or experience in the following areas, please write us about positions as Senior Associate, Associate or Practice Consultant:
  • School, district or state administrative leadership experience
  • Teacher leadership experience
  • Professional development, facilitation and coaching
  • Business development, sales/marketing
  • Product design and development
  • Statistics, psychometrics, data analysis
  • Writing, desktop publishing, editing
  • Cutting-edge computer savvy, including web-based and graphic design
Qualified candidates should submit an electronic cover letter and resume to contact@performancefactinstitutes.mystagingwebsite.com, Attention:Mutiu Fagbayi, President/CEO. Please include “Employment Inquiry” in the subject line. Performance Fact, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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